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Resume Skills: Attention to Detail

While the quality of your work is important to many jobs, certain roles require a high level of attention to detail. It is important to highlight your expertise in managing the quality of your work when responding to these job postings. This is a common requirement for positions involving decisions that are difficult to reverse (loan officer) or life critical (nursing, pharmacist). High attention to detail is also required for many finance and administrative roles.

What Is Attention To Detail?

In a professional setting, this often takes two forms. First is the ability to carefully check a work product (letter, article, spreadsheet) and ensure every detail is correct. For example, I expect my tax accountant to have very high attention to detail to prevent a visit from the IRS. Second, it may involve being able to notice small patterns that can lead to larger insights. When I worked as a fraud investigator, many of my colleagues had very high attention to detail. Similarly, many financial analysts and business consultants often have high attention to detail. And - this will be a surprise - the very best sales representatives often have outstanding attention to detail when it comes to noticing customer behavior.

The recruiter and HR manager are likely referring back to some kind of job competency sheet. It will list off characteristics such as:

In simple terms, they want to know they can trust you to complete your work accurately and notice small details when they are important. People with high attention to detail can be trusted to work alone and on sensitive tasks.

Demonstrating Attention To Detail On A Resume

Merely writing "attention to detail" doesn't add a lot of credibility to your resume. To convince an employer you have good attention to detail, you have to show that other employers trusted you in critical detail-oriented roles. Better yet, you should highlight accomplishments that showcase the quality, sensitivity, and insightfulness of your work.

Some good things to talk about to showcase your attention to detail:

Improving Your Attention To Detail

Did you get feedback you need to improve your attention to detail? Try these tips to see if you can sharpen your skills.

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