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How To Stand Out For Journalism Jobs

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Journalism jobs are attractive for many people. Journalists are truth-seekers. They are objective, accurate and fair. They provide breaking news online, in print or on television. They also share feature stories on people, places or things of interest to the public. Most of all, journalists see their names in print. The latter is always a plus in the journalism world. If a journalism career is your goal, it helps to understand what skills and steps are needed to stand out in a competitive field.

Breaking into journalism

Breaking into journalism involves knowing the type of beat you want to pursue. A “beat” is the topic you want cover every day. It is your area of expertise. Journalism has different beats such as general news, features, politics, entertainment and real estate. Many beats require you to have extensive knowledge in the field. For instance, a political journalist must know the ins and outs of politics plus local, state or federal government.

General news is the only exception. It is a beat that requires you to cover any breaking news such as a shooting, earthquake or social gathering whenever news breaks. If you are interested in this beat, you need basic journalism skills rather than specific knowledge because you are covering every news event.

Decide what type of journalism you want to pursue. Journalism is separated into two categories: print and broadcast. Print includes:

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