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Selling Your Expertise

Describing Professional Skills On a Resume

Modern jobs typically require you to collaborate with a wide variety of people under a wide range of circumstances. You will be asked to lead, contribute, and engage with projects and teams inside and outside your core functional area. The soft skills required to handle these tasks efficiently are often referred to as professional skills. This includes:

List of Common Professional Skills

There are a wide variety of professional skills, which frequently complement the hard skills you need for your regular jobs. These soft skills can often magnify your impact on the organization and overall satisfaction in your role.

For example: an online marketing executive needs to be able to manage projects and negotiate with their vendors, a High School Math Teacher should have good communication and coaching skills in addition to a good grasp of mathematics; and a software engineer needs to be able to explain their work to other teams and manage large complex projects (to implement their ideas).

Demonstrating Professional Skills On A Resume

This is another area where you need to show the impact of your expertise rather than merely state that you have it. There is an old joke about sales resumes: unsuccessful salesreps talk about how they are focused on the customers, successful salesreps tell you how much they grew sales. The key to selling your professional skills is to demonstrate how they made the organization more successful. Some examples of how you can do this:

Improving Your Professional Skills

Did you get feedback you need to improve your professionalism? Here are a couple of things you can look into:

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