How To Add Flavor To Your Barista Resume

Being a barista is a skilled job in high demand, especially if you are good at it. We do not leave our house for a cup of black coffee that may as well have been made at the stove-top. We do it for the creamy experience of a perfectly blended cup, with just the right amount of caffeine. If you can provide that, you will be loved (and well tipped).

A lot happens between delivering your resume and getting your first run behind the counter. To get on top of the short list at your local coffee shop, you need to write a resume with as much kick as your coffee. It needs to showcase your most attractive qualities and win the hiring manager’s heart with rich content. You need to know exactly what barista resume skills to include, and that’s what we’re mixing for you today.

Start with a powerful yet truthful description of your self.

The first paragraph of any resume format should be a short description of yourself. Showcase your best qualifications and work experience there, using bold language. The aim here is to make sure the hiring manager reads this resume and pays attention to the details instead of tossing it to the side. Do not be afraid to brag, but be honest – paint yourself as a potential employee from the start. A short well-written paragraph will do better than a list of filler words, so sell yourself. It is a good idea to finish it with a personalized sentence, stating why this specific job is a fit for you.

Expand your professional experiences.

Many resume templates come with a boring list of barista jobs you’ve held, followed by dates and years of experience. On the side, you’ll see a bullet point list of skills and abilities. That is very impersonal and does not captivate the eye.

Instead, write a short paragraph or a bullet point with each professional experience. Ask yourself some questions, like how you dealt with the responsibilities of that job? What was expected of you and how you met these expectations? What are some real numbers you can exhibit? Let’s see a tangible example of that.

Here is a bullet point list you could find in a barista’s resume:

  • Responsible for overseeing shifts
  • Experienced in training new staff members
  • Knowledgeable about different coffee drinks and espresso machines
  • Excellent customer service and communication skills
  • Good memory for orders
  • Skilled at latte art

It contains important information and valuable skills, but it is too simplistic. Let’s transform this into a more developed passage.

  • As a lead barista, I oversaw the work of two coworkers during the busy breakfast period. I did that while maintaining high service standards and efficiency at all times.
  • I am well-versed in preparing complex hot beverages orders from memory. That includes coffee, teas, and cocoa drinks.
  • With a trained coffee palate, I can educate customers friendly on the origins of coffee beans. Explaining subtle differences between flavors, aromas, and bodies among cups is my expertise.
  • As the team grew, management entrusted me with training new employees. That included training on the company’s customer service policies and how to operate the various coffee machines.

As you can see, both examples show the same skills, but the second one is much more impressive. The reason is that it adds value to the skills. That makes the employer contemplate all the ways you can improve his business. It makes them think about you as an employee from the get-go.

Numbers, numbers, numbers.

When possible, always quantify your achievements. Did you improve service in a place you worked? Find out by how much. Did you train to become a barista? Specify for how long- it’s a great resume builder. Did you serve an impressive number of drinks per day? Say how many. That will help the employer to have a palpable impression of your worth.

Personalize your resume.

A skilled barista makes good coffee and serves it to a customer who loves coffee, this barista has lots of skills to put on a barista resume
That pot would give you tetanus if you made coffee in it today…

That is a tip that many websites have, but we will take it one step further. Craft your entire resume by the needs of the company in question- read the job description and use it to set your resume objectives. A good barista resume should cater to the company’s needs. Are you applying to work on a high-scale Italian restaurant or a family owned Sunday bakery? Are you trying to write a Starbucks barista resume or one for a local coffee shop? All of these places require outstanding barista skills and food service but certainly have a different atmosphere.

Research the company before applying. If possible, read about their goals and values, which will give you an idea of what kind of employee they need. Then you can rewrite your resume highlighting the skills that match their vision. Study the job description and take your resume to the next level. Curate your resume and cover letter for their needs and guarantee a callback.

What makes a good barista?

If you are not sure what employers are looking for, it is not easy to write a good resume. Yes, the ability to make good coffee is the obvious skill to focus on, but what else? There are some qualities you should weave into your CV to make a powerful impression.

Good baristas have phenomenal hand-eye coordination.

Watching a good barista work is like watching a performance. They know how to work their station and manage the ergonomics of their equipment with care. If you are precise, fast, have good balance and works well around a coffee station, be sure to mention that.

A good barista works well under pressure.

The queue is long, the customer in front of you is late for work and the one behind is annoyed by the wait. Still, you make consistently good cups of coffee without losing your cool. This is a precious quality for a barista and one you should highlight on your CV.

They understand social cues.

Some clients want to chit chat about their days, and some want to pay for their order and go. It is indispensable for a barista to read into these cues, and react accordingly. This is a crucial skill that all employers look for, and not many baristas include in their resume.

They Genuinely Love Coffee!

Want to stand out for a coffee barista job? Cultivate a genuine interest in the details of the coffee bean, the coffee blend, the espresso machine, and the finer nuances of brewing equipment. Look for ways to bring this forward on your barista resume. There is a huge difference between a server who just “worked at the local coffee shop” and true professional barista who loves coffee making, who knows the inner nuances of blended coffees and espresso drinks.

While customer service skills and interpersonal skills are the essence of the barista role, your technical knowledge can provide key skills to a potential employer. Cultivate an appreciation of the process and experience teaching it to others, helping them create quality beverages. Bring this out into your barista resume objective and resume summary. Show that you’re able to help make your coffee shop better. Highlight your beverage making expertise in your barista cover letter.

Done properly, tweaking your resume to show that you truly know the craft is like an espresso shot for a job seeker. A perfect barista resume for the hiring manager to drink in. A good finish for an experienced barista, who has the key skills to carry a cafe.

Ready to look for a job? With these tips, we are sure that your resume will pop to the eyes of anyone reading it. Combine the writing tips with a graphically attractive template and it will end up on top of the pile. Good luck!

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