The Key to Writing an Impressive Content Writer Resume

The world is constantly evolving into a more complex space. Each organization is on the search for a good content writer who can create attractive and useful articles. Many companies focus on their SEO and Google Ranking in order to gather a wide audience for their product or service. Therefore, the demand for skilled content writers is on the rise.

But how do you set yourself apart from a large pool of content writers who claim to provide the same service? The only good way to do this is through a well-informed content writer resume. Despite people telling you that your job does not require a very detailed resume, it is time you write one that focuses on your skills and experience in the field.

Before you begin listing all your skills on a piece of paper, take a moment to analyze each one. Instead of highlighting your skills, it could be more helpful to think about what a typical hiring manager is looking for. While each organization may have certain specific requirements, the overall dynamic for a content writer remains the same. Each hiring manager will be looking for essential skills first, and then move on to some expectations that they have from a potential employee.

The Essentials of Content Writing

Since a large number of people claim themselves to be content writers, the essential skills are the most important on your freelance writer resume. These typically include writing experience in the past which could allow the hiring manager to analyze your skills. However, just stating your past jobs will not be sufficient. In a sensitive field such as content writing, it is important to have solid samples of your work that back up your claims about being a phenomenal content writer.

Many hiring managers may also be looking for a writer who has a professional degree in the field of writing. This varies from job to job, but a common requirement could be a college (Bachelor’s) degree in Language or Journalism. In case you don’t have one, you don’t have to give up on your dream job just yet. There are many more ways to impress a hiring manager through your resume- it is possible to write a freelance writer resume with no experience.

The Expectations of Hiring Managers

Degrees and experience may be important to some employers, but so are other factors. When applying as a content writer for an agency, it may be useful to look through their existing articles, blog posts, and guest posts first. This will give you an idea of their writing style and tone.

A hiring manager will be looking for someone who is able to adapt to their existing style and write articles that are fitting for their audience. For example, you may notice that each article on the agency’s website is around 500 words or less. You could use this to your advantage by providing sample articles that are of similar length and impress the hiring manager instantly.

Additionally, you could analyze the target market of the agency. If they are focused on attracting a teenage audience, you could provide sample articles that show that your writing is appropriate for a young audience to understand and comprehend easily, or that you enjoy writing for social media.

Getting the Job Interview

Coming to the most important part – how do you actually get the job at a content writing agency? The answer is not as difficult as it may seem. Potential clients will receive many resume samples and yours needs to be unique enough for them to consider separately. The job description posted by the agency will include the essentials required for the job, but almost never the more complex skills desired by them.

Being a content writer, you can invest your time into learning about SEO and Google Analytics – two of the most important tools in digital and online marketing. If you have an official certification from a course about these skills, hiring managers are likely to consider you as the most qualified candidate. If you also have experience working with SEO and Google Analytics, it would be beneficial to highlight that specifically on your resume.

Applying as a New Content Writer

A content writer desk with well-written articles for a freelance writing agency shows great resume skills for content writers
You don’t need a big ugly writing desk to create amazing content!

It is understood that not everyone can have experience for a job they are applying to. But that does not mean that you shouldn’t apply to the job at all.- you can still write a perfect resume with no working experience!

Many hiring managers at content writing agencies are not looking for past experience at all. Instead, they are more focused on your current skillset and understanding of writing styles.

Since you’re new to the world of content writing, your resume needs to be very attractive. Remember that you are competing with other candidates who may have years of experience. If you don’t have samples of past work, focus on writing a resume that shows informed understanding, professionalism and an organized set of thoughts. The last thing your employer is looking for is an unprofessional resume with grammatical errors.

As a new content writer, it might be better to apply to freelance writing jobs at newer agencies who are looking for fresh talent to join their team. If you have recently graduated or completed a content writing course, it may also be useful to apply to certain internships to gain some professional experience in freelance work first.

Content Writing Skills for a Resume

Whether you’re a new content writer or one that has had previous jobs, a good resume is essential. All of your work will be focused around writing, so it is important that your own resume is a good example of that- don’t just copy from a resume template. Apart from being well-written, there are certain skills that will be beneficial to include on your resume.

Time constraints and deadlines are important to most content writing agencies. As part of your skills, you could include “good adherence to deadlines” or even state your typing speed of “xyz” words per minute.

Another important skill is adaptability. It is necessary to be able to write articles that fit the tone and style of the agency, which means you will have to adapt to their current format. The more styles you can learn and the higher your adaptability, the more attractive your writing will be.

Good research is the real trick behind great articles. It adds both credibility and value for readers who enjoy your articles. Therefore, good research skills should be an integral part of your resume.

A resume is the “landing page” of your job application. Make it stand out, and the hiring manager will keep on reading- and you’ll get the job!