12 Incredible Jobs You Can Get With No Experience (And How)

They say money can’t buy happiness, but we all know that having a steady source of income makes life a whole lot easier. Looking for work is a tough process, and trying to find a job with no past work experience is even harder. It seems like even entry level jobs today have ridiculous experience requirements, making it near impossible to get started in the workforce.

Luckily, there are plenty of job opportunities out there for dedicated people like you, and we’re here to help you get them. With a resume tailored to perfection and the right skill sets, you can prove your worth to any hiring manager, without needing work experience.

We looked all over, inside and outside the box, for the best no experience needed jobs, and have come up with a list of 13 entry level jobs that you can apply for today. Let’s take a closer look at what each position entails, and more importantly how to get hired.

#1: Rideshare Service Driver

Median Salary: $40,093

This lucrative field takes the top spot for a number of reasons. In addition to being one of the highest-paying jobs on our list, it comes with a number of inherent perks that make this opportunity one worth taking.

man working as a rideshare driver, incredible no experience needed jobs, and a great job to get with no previous work experience that you can get hired for
Hopefully your car is a little bit newer than this one…

Most obviously, driving for a rideshare service such as Uber or Lyft requires absolutely no work experience or formal education. All you need to get a job for one of these companies is a valid drivers’ license- in some instances the employer may provide you with a car if you do not have one. If you meet these criteria, have a clean record, and can be friendly to anyone, you’re well on your way to being an ideal candidate. And if you enjoy driving and know your area well, being a rideshare driver is a low stress way to make some money, and build up work experience for your next job search.

Your typical duties would involve looking for and “accepting” ride requests from customers, driving them to their destination, and providing a welcoming experience within your vehicle. A major perk of being a rideshare driver is that you can pick and choose which trips you want to drive, making your work hours completely flexible. Peak times for rideshare driving are generally in the evening and after midnight, so if you are a night owl or have other responsibilities during the day, this job is a perfect fit for you.

The job application is extremely simple: for most of these companies, all you need to do is go online and sign up. They will likely perform some kind of background check to protect their company and customers, but usually you don’t even need to submit a resume or cover letter to win the position.

Once the background check is complete, you can get an immediate start driving, as there is little to no training involved with the position. It may be slightly uncomfortable the first few times you drive customers, but by keeping your eyes on the road and a smile on your face, you should be rolling in no time.

#2: Bartender

Median Salary: $19,530

This entry level job is another great opportunity, and certainly one to consider if you like beer, bars, and finding new buddies. The annual salary does not seem all that enticing, but a bartender makes up much of their income through tips earned on the job.

Though being a bartender requires no work experience, in some locations you may be asked to obtain a state alcohol certification before you are allowed to serve drinks. This is usually a simple process, requiring a few hours of training and a test to ensure that you can serve drinks responsibly.

a great job you can get with no work experience, bartending! get hired easily, hiring managers love these traits in the ideal candidate
Unfortunately, not all bars can make you feel like you’re in the 1920s…

Bartending is an excellent job opportunity for people that love to socialize, and showing your friendly side during the application process goes a long way towards winning the job. Your resume should highlight the groups and activities that you have been involved in, focusing on your leadership roles and ability to make anyone like you. Bars want workers that will entice customers to come back, and friendlier bartenders get better tips. Talk about your involvement in your community, through volunteer work or neighborhood groups, anything that shows the hiring manager you know how to talk to people, even strangers. Let your personality and passion shine through, both on paper and later in your job interview.

Passion for and knowledge of drinks and mixes is a huge bonus in the application process, but not a requirement, as much of it can be taught quickly in your on-the-job training. You might have to start out washing dishes for a few weeks, but your dedication and personality will have you serving drinks in no time.

#3: Freelance Writer

Median Salary: $63,213

Freelance writing is an incredible employment opportunity for someone with no work experience. The potential for a high annual salary, the near-infinite job openings, and the chance to work from home are perks any hard worker would kill for.

how to write a resume with no work experience, get this job with no qualifications, freelance writing
I don’t know about you, but orange is not a color that would help me get any work done

Becoming a freelance writer is a fairly easy task, as the Internet has brought tons of websites and opportunities that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. You can register on sites like Upwork or Textbroker, and within a few days start searching for writing gigs. Clients searching for writing work will put job postings on the sites, where any writer can bid on them. When you start out, the only employer bids you’ll win will likely be on the lower-value side, as writers with more professional experience will win the expensive gigs.

As you progress in your freelance writing career, you can build up both your resume and your writing skills, and work up to those higher-paying gigs. Each job will be different, with each client looking for different things and providing different instructions. You’ll pick up tips and tricks to the writing game along the way, becoming more efficient and able to complete more jobs faster.

Freelance writing is a great home job, where you have complete freedom to choose your hours, and even what jobs you take. It can be a great entry level position, or a convenient side gig for someone with a lot of other commitments.

#4: Dog Walker

Median Salary: $28,500

This might seem like an unusual choice for employment, but becoming a dog walker can be an extremely profitable career field if you live in the right area. There are dog owners just about everywhere, many of them with schedules already filled to the brim, and not enough time to devote to poor old Spot.

labor statistics show you can get this job with no experience, how to get hired quickly and make good money with no work experience dog walking
That’s a funny looking dog you got there

Using services like Rover or Wag, these busy dog lovers can pawn off their pooches to you- a dog lover with a bit more time on your hands. Similar to being a rideshare driver, you get to pick and choose which jobs your going to take, and set your own hours. Many of these also allow you to set your own rates, which means there is huge upside potential once you establish yourself as the premier walker in your area. You can build relationships with clients, dogs, and your community, and it could be a great way to network and find future work opportunities.

Becoming a dog walker usually requires no qualifications, however depending on the service and location you may be required to complete basic animal care training before you can begin. Once you do that, you can get started doing what you love- playing with adorable dogs!

#5: Delivery Driver

Median Salary: $42,700

Delivery driving is an expanding field, with many new and different career options. Working in package delivery for a company like UPS or FedEx brings a high average salary, and offer benefits like vacation time and health care. Amazon Prime is beginning to hire its own delivery fleet, offering a plethora of new job openings and career opportunities. The downside to these more steady jobs is that many do require a high school diploma, some training, and liability insurance.

job application with no experience, good first jobs to get, delivery driver with no experience
Hopefully you can get the orders to the door without making the Leaning Tower of Pizza

For those looking for more flexibility and lower experience requirements, being an independent driver for food services like Grubhub or Doordash is still a great option. Unlike parcel delivery, these services allow you to be completely flexible, choosing your own schedule and gigs- and they usually require no educational experience. There is a huge market for food delivery, almost guaranteeing you a delivery no matter when you want to work.

Applying to be a food delivery driver is also extremely simple, requiring at most a background check and a basic resume, though usually even those are not necessary. You may be required to complete some basic on-the-job training, but it is easy to get an immediate start driving and making money.

Another great perk of delivery driving is tips- on top of the fees you are already paid, some of these services provide tip functions within the ordering process. Even if they don’t, providing great service to your customers and building relationships could lead to a crisp five in your pocket every once in a while.

#6: Data Entry

Median Salary: $39,571

Data entry jobs can be a fantastic opportunity for someone with little to no work experience. These jobs usually require a high school diploma, but beyond that usually have low requirements. Data jobs provide a great entry level position, with potential to move up the career ladder in the future.

immediate start jobs, good entry level positions in data entry
Hey Google, what are the symptoms of carpal tunnel?

These jobs are fairly simple, involving entering and transferring data from accounts and customers, tracking payments, and tracking trends over time. Some data entry positions are home jobs, allowing you to do all of the tasks remotely and be more flexible with your hours. They may require a basic knowledge of spreadsheet programs such as Excel, as well as proficiency in typing, however many of the skills can be taught in quick on-the-job training before you begin.

When applying for data entry jobs, find ways to showcase your ability to work quickly and efficiently. Talking about volunteer or leadership experiences where you had a lot of responsibilities, and showing that you managed those responsibilities, can go a long way. If you have any technical experience, such as programming clubs or courses, make sure to highlight those on your resume and in your interview. The hiring manager will be looking for a hard and dedicated worker, and showing that you are willing to put your heart into your work will help you land that new job in no time.

#7: Administrative Assistant

Median Salary: $36,500

Administrative assistant jobs are great for those looking to get their foot in the door of office work. Usually only requiring a high school diploma, these jobs provide one massive benefit that most others on this list don’t have: upward mobility.

administrative assistant entry level job opportunity with no experience
You may or may not be required to compete in typing races with the other job applicants

Recent graduates of high school and others with no job experience can start out as an administrative assistant with a variety of different companies. Initial duties will likely consist of filing paperwork, processing and transferring calls, and writing and editing memos or emails. These tasks might not seem the most attractive on a job ad, but they are extremely helpful for building up professional and workplace skills. Being an assistant is also about building relationships with your coworkers and bosses, learning to anticipate their needs and complete tasks ahead of schedule.

Between your newly acquired professional skills and your relationships with colleagues, you can begin building your resume and networking for higher level jobs- within your current company or with a new employer. With the growing influence of the internet in the workplace, there may be future “virtual assistant” opportunities, in which you may perform administrative tasks remotely for multiple bosses, but currently the virtual assistant field is relatively small and unknown.

Applying for an administrative assistant position is relatively straightforward, depending on the type of company you are looking for. Look for job postings for positions in fields you are interested in, or have some knowledge of if possible. Then, tailor your resume to fit that company as best you can. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, listing leadership positions and other activities that are semi-relevant to the job- anything that shows you are an efficient and capable worker. The job interview will be the best place to prove yourself, so dress and act professional, and show the hiring manager that your skills and dedication outweigh any experience other candidates might have.

#8: Security Guard

Median Salary: $24,680

Becoming a security guard at a mall or office park may not seem like the most glamorous job, but once again the major perk here is future opportunities. Some security jobs may require a high school diploma, or demonstration of physical fitness. All employers will run a background check on you, so if there is anything on your record, be honest about it from the beginning, and reassure them that you are not a liability.

high paying jobs to get with no experience, job as security guard, upward mobility
The cameras are always watching…

After a short training period, your duties as a security guard will be relatively simple, though it will vary by employer. Office building security may require you to check employee badges, screen visitors and packages, or monitor camera feeds. Mall security may require you to watch for and chase shoplifters, monitor potential threats, and help lost children to safety. Banks and other security employers will have variations on these duties, but the above two categories are the most likely to employ guards with no prior experience.

As stated above, a major perk of security work is the potential for a future in security or law enforcement. A few years of demonstrated excellence in security can get you into a police academy, most of which do not require a bachelor’s degree. If police work is not for you, there may be opportunities to move up in private security, working in upper-tier establishments or for private contractors.

Responding to a job ad for security guard work is also a straightforward process. When listing past activities or volunteer work, emphasize the roles you were given that demonstrate trust. Employers want security guards that not only are physically prepared, but those that they can trust with the responsibility of protecting their property, and other employees. If you held positions that required handling of money, planning, or helping your peers with various tasks, highlight these on your resume and in your interview.

#9: Veterinary Assistant

Median Salary: $23,800

vet technician jobs with no experience, how to write resume for first job
If you know what animal this is, you can probably become a vet assistant

Becoming a veterinary assistant or technician is a much more specialized field, and likely only a fit for those that are passionate about animals. These positions are great for recent graduates of high school, especially those considering going to veterinary school in the future. While higher-level vet positions are not really attainable without further education, taking a job as a vet technician will go a long way towards getting into vet school, and some employers may even pay for you to take classes.

Starting out as a vet assistant may not be fun, with your initial duties likely being cleaning cages and giving shots to animals. However, if you show your compassion for animals and your dedication to your work, you will quickly be entrusted with more complex tasks and some basic medical procedures.

Applying to be a veterinary technician may be a bit more complicated than other jobs on this list, but not by much. Employers may require you to undergo a background check, depending on the area and the exact position they are looking to fill. When creating your resume, look for creative ways to showcase your passion for animals, and your caring spirit. If you have experience pet-sitting for neighbors, use that to showcase your compassion and trustworthiness. If you have taken any relevant courses inside or outside of school, such as CPR certification, highlight these on your application.

#10: Sales Representative

Median Salary: $46,402

Sales representative jobs are some of the best opportunities for new workers, however they often require higher levels of education. All employers require a high school diploma, and some may want you to have a bachelor’s degree as well, though once again it depends on the location and position you are applying for. In addition, some companies will want previous customer service experience, though this is not required and can be shown in more unconventional ways.

good high paying first jobs, how to get a first job in sales with no experience
If you can sell that book, you can sell just about anything

As a sales rep, your main responsibilities will be making sales calls to potential customers. Most of these will be phone calls, often with a predetermined script for you to read off of. Occasionally you will make in-person visits to important customers, though the nature of these visits depend on the employer and the product you are selling. The biggest thing to note about sales jobs is that they are heavily based on commission. You will receive a base salary, however you will be paid more for selling more, so working hard will literally pay off.

Applying for job openings in sales will require you to demonstrate your work ethic and ability to provide great customer service. With no job experience, the best way to show these things is through past volunteer work or extracurriculars in which you directly interacted with strangers in your community. Serving at soup kitchens, selling concessions at a football game, or volunteering at your local library are all great ways to showcase your customer service skills. Highlight these sorts of things on your resume, and be personable, professional, and persuasive in your interview.

#11: Flight Attendant

Median Salary: $44,860

If you hate the idea of being cooped up at a desk in the same place for years, then being a flight attendant might be a little more your style. Another full-time job that provides benefits like health care, being a flight attendant is an amazing opportunity for outgoing people that love to travel.

good job opportunity with no work experience, great first jobs for high school graduates
I’m certainly glad planes don’t look like this anymore

As a flight attendant, your main responsibility is providing a welcoming and enjoyable experience to your passengers. Whether it’s greeting them as they board, providing refreshing drinks, or showing them cheesy safety videos, your number one priority is making everyone feel at home in the sky. Depending on the airline, you will most likely get to choose your routes, often flying with the same crew for weeks or months at a time. It is a great way to see the world, and meet millions of amazing new people along the way.

Becoming a flight attendant is a much longer process than most entry level positions. The application will not be too complicated- most airlines only require a high school diploma. Showing your customer service skills is crucial to becoming a flight attendant, so check out the Sales Representative section to see the best ways to do that with no experience. The tough part of the application process is the training. To become a flight attendant, you must undergo many weeks of training, most likely in some kind of company facility. At the end of this training you will be required to pass an FAA exam before you can take to the skies.

#12: Truck Driver

Median Salary: $40,260

truck driver with no experience, how to get good jobs with no work experience
This truck probably pulls less weight than a 1997 Camry

Becoming a truck driver is another great opportunity for those who want to be out in the world, rather than behind a desk. Truck driving allows you to travel the country, and escape the worries of everyday life for a while. It’s an amazing position for those with no job experience, usually only requiring a high school diploma. In addition you will need a commercial drivers’ license, but some companies will help you obtain that during the hiring process.

As a truck driver, you will likely be asked to drive a variety of distances, anywhere from a few miles to across the entire country. As a new driver you may not have much say in which routes you drive, but as you gain more experience you will be given more freedom to choose your work. Truck driving can be a long haul, and may not be great for someone with a family back home, but for a younger person with few ties, it can be a wonderful opportunity for a change of scenery. Once you gain enough experience driving for a company and save up enough money, you may even want to look into purchasing your own truck, and starting your own company or freelance driving for clients- which can make you much more money.

The process of becoming a truck driver is fairly easy, with the possible exception of obtaining the CDL. If the employer requires that you have that license before applying, research your state laws and contact your local DMV for information about getting a CDL. If the employer will help you get the CDL during the hiring process, all you need to worry about is the resume. When creating your resume, highlight past experiences that demonstrate your reliability, trustworthiness, independence, and time management skills.

In today’s world, getting your first job can seem like an impossible task. It seems like every job listing requires impossible amounts of experience, and that there’s no way to just get started in a field. With the resume skills you have now, and the experience you can get from these first jobs, you’ll be well on your way to a successful career in no time! If you’re looking for more in the area of No Experience Jobs, check out these articles below!