Top Tips For An Amazing Personal Assistant Resume

Taking phone calls, arranging trip details, handling mail and even dealing with clients. These are just some of the responsibilities a personal assistant has. To complete these tasks well, you must possess a few key traits, and we are here to show you how to make those traits shine to potential employers.

It is not enough to perform these tasks – often many of them must be done simultaneously. Personal assistants must be able to handle many tasks and problems at once, all while providing a positive attitude for both their boss and potential clients. With all of these things to worry about, we’re here to take one issue off of your plate- writing an incredible personal assistant resume.

Let’s start with the skills you should emphasize:

Organization and Time Management

Every job under the sun requires the professional to be organized. This is one of the top skills mentioned in resumes across fields, but it was never as important as here. Organizing someone else’s schedule calls for extreme attention to detail, and a good memory. Time management is also crucial, and that is where many people fail in multitasking.

It does not suffice, however, to list those skills on your resume. Instead, write a paragraph where you show these skills with examples and numbers. Think of it this way – if a writer is applying for a job, it is not enough to state “I’m a good writer”. Their resume should be a display of their abilities, and so should yours. If you assert you are organized, deliver a methodical resume. If you suggest you have good communication skills, your resume has to be well written and clear.

Reliability and Discretion

As a personal assistant, you work closely with your employer and have their needs at the forefront of your mind, and they will appreciate a dependable person that can handle sensitive information. Reference letters from previous employers are a great way to show that you have what it takes.

Coachability and Software Knowledge

It is not so straightforward to list definite skills for personal assistants. An assistant for a business owner will perform different tasks than one for a household. This means a good personal assistant is flexible and learns fast. To attest to that, it is a good idea to mention the different positions you’ve held – even in a distinctive field. This will show how adaptable you are, and how fast you can learn.

A grasp of different software tools is also imperative, as your job is easing the life of managers and clients. That includes a lot of problem-solving, especially behind the scenes and on the spot. Spreadsheets, Google Calendar, databases, and PowerPoint come in handy, to name a few.

Proactiveness and Composure

A personal assistant providing assistance to her boss who needs help with many tasks including paperwork and scheduling
Whether it’s planning or paperwork, you must always be personable and supportive!

As a personal assistant, you must be able to meet the needs of your employer, often before you are told to do so. Being proactive and predicting what you need to do next is an invaluable skill, and one that will make you stand out from others in the field. You must also be able to hold back your emotions. Be professional, even in the face of sensitive and surprising information. Being tactful says a lot about the type of assistant you are, and makes you trustworthy.

As always, assess your former jobs and choose examples to illustrate your resume. How did you use a skill you mentioned to solve a problem in the past? How did your ability as a personal assistant contribute to the success of a project? Having these examples in your personal assistant resume will display how you use your skills. This is, more often than not, more important than having them in the first place.

Types of personal assistants

There is no official list of types of personal assistants, but you can still get an idea of what the job entails. Read through the job description thoroughly and – if possible – research the company or client. That will provide you with the information you need.

Most assistants will perform administrative tasks so that someone does not need to. There are a myriad of skills that could catch the eye of an employer, depending on what the job is. If the employer is a business person, you may need to schedule meetings and arrange trips. If they are real estate investors, talking to clients and understanding contracts is essential.

It is even possible to be a virtual personal assistant. This is a fantastic opportunity to work from home and have a more flexible schedule.

Preparing Your Resume Skills

The key to getting your resume read is to choose which skills to display based on the job description. Do not hope that the client will like what they see, make sure they do by tailoring your personal assistant resume to their expectations. Here is a list of extra abilities to pick and choose from, based on your personality and the desired job:

Shopping skills. Some clients may need someone that researches, budgets and shops for products.

Answering and screening phone calls. There is a lot more to answering calls than to say hello. Prioritizing information, screening clients and scheduling callbacks are top skills to have.

Non-verbal communication. Some managers want someone who gets them, even without talking. Being aware of body language and intervening discreetly is very beneficial to assistants.

Administrative work. Maintaining records, basic bookkeeping, and paying bills may be required of you.

Driving license and a clean record of driving. Driving around is likely to be part of your job, so work on getting a license if you don’t have one.

Networking. Communicating with clients and partners is a big part of a business’s assistant job.

Add or edit these skills on your resume, always with the job description in mind! Being a personal assistant may as well be a stepping stone to higher up positions. It definitely requires a high skill set and driven mentality and it is great for networking. Work on your personal assistant resume and you will be a lot more likely to get an interview, so good luck!

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