How to Write the Perfect Teacher’s Assistant Resume

Becoming a teacher is one of the most impactful and rewarding things you can do, and becoming a teacher’s assistant is no less important. Children are the future, and you want to make a positive difference in their lives as a teaching assistant. You might have years of experience working with children, and you love to teach students, but you’re not sure about how to communicate that love on a resume.

After all this effort and commitment, it would be a real shame if you missed out on a teaching opportunity. Failed job searches can happen as a result of a poorly constructed or written resume. Cover letters are sometimes helpful, but your resume is a potential employer’s real first impression of you! As such, it is vital that it conveys you and your qualities in the best possible light.

There is increased competition in today’s teaching assistant job market. Having your resume stand out from the pack could be the spark you need to get an interview. That is where you can let your personality and suitability for the role shine brightest.

Tips for writing a stand out teaching assistant resume

Tailor your teacher’s assistant resume to each position you are applying for, and make each resume objective fit what you want to do. Do not simply write a resume with general information on it. This will be obvious to the employers. Instead, read the job descriptions, and highlight the skills you have that match what the employer is looking for.

A lead teacher or teaching assistant teaching students about geometry in a classroom
Teachers have been the building blocks of communities forever!

Quality over quantity is very much the order of the day here. Do not send out as many resumes a possible to every job you see available. It is a better course of action to slow down and apply for one or two positions a day. This was you can be sure you are tailoring each resume to the job at hand. You can find many resume samples online, so choose a resume template that fits you, and begin to add YOUR strengths.

Highlight your research and education. Your research/thesis at university is unique, something that will stand you apart. Use the beginning of your resume to delve into the skills and techniques that will translate well into the new job.

Highlight your kill skills in a concise and clear way using bullet points. Making your resume focused will help give the employer the vital information fast. A resume that is long-winded will lose people’s attention and you might lose out.

Add a work experience section that shows the position most relevant to the role you are applying for. The employer wants to see how you are suited to their role, so give them what they want. If you are trying to write a teaching assistant resume with no experience, it is okay to focus more on other areas.

Finally, highlight certifications and extra skills that you have. This is important to show your well-roundedness. It also displays the commitment to the assistant teaching career with extracurricular learning.

Teaching Assistant Skills

Your skills can be categorized into two main types – hard and soft skills. Soft skills are skills that make you a good employee and are hard to teach and hard to learn. They are part of your personality. Hard skills are the opposite, and are learnable and often include education-based skills.

Soft Skills

Patience. As a teaching assistant, patience is vital. Working closely with students can be testing at times and a calm head is a must. Taking students on field trips, keeping them safe at recess, and handling potential meltdowns all require patience, so let the hiring manager know you can handle any task with a clear head and focus of mind.

Communication. You will be spending all of your time in the company of many different people. Having the ability to share your thoughts and ideas with those around you is a must. You should be able to talk to a wide variety of both children and adults in a positive and encouraging manner, so good communication skills are invaluable for teaching assistants.

Resourcefulness. Teaching assistants need a lot of resourcefulness as well as creativity. That will help them navigate all the challenges that come their way. Each student has differing ability levels and, as such, need varying guiding styles.

Interpersonal Skills. Teaching assistants have to interact with many people outside of the classroom, in both large and small groups. Trust needs to be built with parents and administrators alike. Having to work closely with a variety of people is an intricate part of the teaching assistant role. Maintaining a good working relationship with a wide range of roles is important.

Hard Skills

Computer Literacy. Computers are intrinsic to modern-day teaching practices. It is vital that you are comfortable with using them in a variety of ways. Some of the most important programs are Office programs (spreadsheets, PowerPoint, word docs). It is also valuable to know smart learning suites, as well as devices such as smart tablets.

A large group of students sitting in a classroom learning at school from a good teacher
One of these students could have grown up to be President, or a teaching assistant!

Lesson planning and organization. Show you are adept at planning well-thought lessons. Display a grasp on the fundamentals of lesson structure as well as possible problems. This can be one on one (Individual Education plans) or as a group (group activity management).

Specializations. Teaching is not uniform and has various specializations. Highlight what you are most interested in or what you specialized in during your own studies. They include special needs teaching, early years education, and different teaching philosophies. Montessori and Waldorf are good examples.

Student safety and supervision. Health and safety are essential in the classroom. Having these skills as a candidate is vitally important. Extra points if you have CPR training.

Useful Certifications

Here are some useful certifications that would be advantageous for your resume. Apart from that, they will also help develop your skills further.

  • Teacher’s aide certificate program
  • WorkKeys Proficiency Certificate for Teacher Assistants
  • Teacher Assistant Certification Online

These certifications prepare learners to work in a school and classroom setting. It develops the knowledge needed to care for children and adolescents. It does that in such a way that most benefits their learning style and needs. Certifications needed to work assisting teacher varies from state to state. Some only require a High School diploma, while others demand a two-year college course. Research your state laws to know more.

It does not matter if you want to be a teaching assistant via the academic or the vocational route. Your skills and passion are what will count more. Make your resume a reflection of your strengths! A focused and unique resume will help you land your dream role as a teaching assistant.

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