Volunteer Experience on a Resume

Your resume is one of the most important tools that you have to help you during your job search. Your resume helps to illustrate your professional experience to any potential employer. There are a variety or different situations in which it might be useful to include volunteer experience on resume. If you have limited work experience, because of your age, health, or other factors, you may want to use volunteer experience to help build your resume. If you have any resume gaps, it is also a good idea to include volunteer experiences on your resume. Be honest about your volunteer experience and only include relevant experiences.

Examples of Volunteer Experience That You Can Include on a Resume

1. Church, Synagogue or Other Religion Based Volunteer Experiences

2. Volunteer Work Done Independently or With Groups at Local Hospitals or Nursing Homes

If you are looking for a job in a hospital or nursing home, it can be especially helpful to list some related volunteer work opportunities with which you have participated. The people that you meet in these types of places will often have valuable career advice for you as well, as much as any paid work experience.

3. Volunteering Experience with Park Cleanups, Beach Cleanups, or Stream Cleanups

Community involvement helps to show potential employers that you are a good fit for a potential job opportunity. People who help with community projects like community cleanups often have many transferable skills that translate well into a paid position.

4. Volunteer Work Done with Major Organizations , For Example Those That Build Homes for The Less Fortunate

This will help show employers that you are a hard worker and a team player.

5. Volunteering Experience at Soup Kitchens, Food Pantries, or Homeless Shelters

How To Include Volunteer Experience on Your Resume

Beneath the work experience section of your resume, it is a good idea to include a volunteer experience section. If you have not done any volunteer work, it is a good idea to do some, both to enrich your life and to pad your resume. In bold letters type the words “Volunteer Experience” to start a new section. Then, list each of your relevant volunteer position experiences. If possible, be sure to include a related reference with some contact information. You will also want to include some information about your tasks and responsibilities when taking part in specific volunteer opportunities. It is especially important to include details that highlight skills that are easily transferable to the workplace. For example, if you were able to drive increased donations to a charitable organization during a volunteer work experience, you may also be able to drive increased sales for a business.

Conclusions on Including Volunteer Experience on a Resume

Even if you have significant work experience, you may want to include some volunteer experience on your resume. This is especially true for people who regularly work with the same charities and for people who have leadership roles within volunteer job organizations. A volunteer experience section on a resume helps to show a potential employer how you spend your free time outside of your work place. A full volunteer section of your resume emphasizes your moral fiber and also allows you to share details about transferable skills. Volunteer experience helps to fill a resume gap or relevant experience where you do not have a long employment history. Most importantly, however, it is an extremely rewarding act for all types of individuals to involve themselves with, regardless of their field of employment.

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