Best Jobs For Those Struggling With Social Anxiety

Finding Work That Makes You Comfortable

Someone who struggles with anxiety, especially a social anxiety disorder, can discover it is extremely difficult to find a job. Many obstacles can be found when a person with anxiety is looking for employment. From an uncomfortably fast paced work environment to too large of a group of employees, it may seem impossible to find work that doesn’t make them extremely nervous. Let’s take a look at some jobs for people with social anxiety.


With minimal contact with customers and a wide variety of options for having coworkers, landscaping can be a wonderful job for someone who enjoys the therapeutic aspects of nature. Landscaping doesn’t necessarily require any previous education or experience. The best option would be to find a small landscaping company that you would be comfortable working for. Your boss would handle all of the communications with customers and you would be left with yourself or a small team to simply do lawn care.


More tech-savvy individuals may be interested in computer programming. Although the job may require a bachelors degree in most instances, it is possible for programmers to work from home, which would be a huge relief for someone with very intense social anxiety. Depending on your skill level, you can look for employment, possibly look into furthering your education, or even teaching yourself. Working for a business would bring plenty of stress, so try looking into freelance programming online.

Online Store Seller

For those who have a skill or craft in making things, there are always jobs as artists. There are lots of success stories from people who sell jewelry, figurines, paintings, clothing, and other forms of art on online stores. From the comfort of ones home, they can market their art to others online, sell the items, and ship them out. Being self employed relieves the stress of having a boss. Get started by researching for highly sold items and see how you can involve your skills.

Dog Grooming

Often times, working with animals can be much better than working with people. Dog grooming rarely ever requires extended education, just a high school diploma or equivalent. Dog groomers have to go through training for a month or two, but after training has been completed it is a very solo job. As a dog groomer, most of your time would be spent cleaning and grooming dogs, while little to no time would be spent with the pet owners. Try looking for local grooming salons and stop in to ask if they’re hiring.

Truck Driver

Employment as a truck driver is a great career choice for anyone but especially for someone who is anxious. Truck driving requires some training but no further education. Most jobs require speaking to someone from the place you are delivering to, but the long hours on the road can help relieve stress. To help you find the right job, look for companies that train their employees before they start driving.


If you’re looking for a more conventional job that gives you plenty of time alone, janitorial or housekeeping work would be the way to go. As long as expectations are met and employees report to their boss when necessary, work is typically only composed of thorough cleaning all on ones own. Take a look online at hotels or businesses, the majority of which have positions for cleaning.

Third Shift Worker

During the night, on most occasions, things are much slower and less stressful. A job as a third shift stocker is always a good choice for someone with social anxiety. Some jobs may require the stocking to be done in a store or place of business but there are also opportunities where stocking is in the back, where no customers will be. Even if stocking is done around customers, there will be a much lower number of people doing their shopping after the sun goes down. It’s as easy as applying to grocery stores and gas stations, stating your availability as third shift.


One of the best jobs for people with social anxiety would be freelance writing, journaling, or photography. With a multitude of different websites, there are a great deal of opportunities for those who find it easiest to create. Most websites offer different kinds of work with little to no easygoing email communication with clients. While college or vocational experience would give you a boost, it is not necessary at all. It may take a bit of research but there is always freelance work to be done online whether it be through a business or directly from a client.

What To Keep In Mind

The most important thing for a person with social anxiety to remember while job searching is to do something that is comfortable for them and that they enjoy. Today’s technological advances, new interests, and a somewhat more understanding society, provide for employment opportunities for everyone out there.

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