Stand-Out Synonyms for Cleaner on a Resume

Applying for a job as a cleaner means that you’re going to need a very impressive housekeeping resume for some of the more high end clientele and to make sure that your hiring manager chooses yours. Using a resume builder or resume template where the housekeeper resume format ensures that you’ll receive the cleaning position you desire. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure that you use the right words.

Number 1: Housekeeper.

Title yourself as the housekeeper and that ensures that your able to work on the domestic in private sector of housekeeping. This is a fantastic title for door-to-door in small business people, working in a residential house area with those specific cleaning duties, whether you own your own cleaning business or not.

Number 2: Janitor.

Janitor is a exceptional title for those who are looking to clean a more industrial setting or a more professional and business oriented setting. A janitorial cleaner position has different cleaning duties and action verbs to use in your cleaner job description template, and applies more towards commercial cleaning like mopping and cleaning floors rather than vacuuming a house.

Number 3: Custodian.

While custodian may share many qualities at number 2 on this list has as well, custodian is a more prestigious in pristine title for such. It is still in the commercial cleaning category, and is used more when you are employed by the building owners than a professional cleaning service, with cleaning supplies given to you- for example office cleaning.

Number 4: Attendant.

Attendant is a fantastic way of putting a cleaning job on your resume, because attendant means that you are taking good care of a residential house or office cleaning and keeping a watchful eye. This is a good resume builder, much more appropriate in your resume summary than using the words cleaning lady or professional cleaning service.

Number 5: Caretaker.

Another word for cleaner on resume is caretaker. Caretaker is the most versatile of your options because it means that you are taking care of more than just one duty you may be multi trained or you may be able to have multiple operations under your wing at once, including managing your own cleaning supplies, and you can find many a relevant skill to help craft the perfect resume for your career objective.

Keep in mind that your hiring managers are looking for someone who is able to do the job, and with the synonyms for cleaning professional work experience you use from this list on your perfect resume sample today you will make certain you get the career objective you like. Happy job hunting, I wish you the best of luck!

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