Knockout Nanny Synonyms on a Resume

The noble profession of being a child care provider when their busier parents are unable to is an occupation as old as time itself. Here are some fantastic synonyms and methods you can employ today to make certain that your next potential employer will be wowed by your professional nanny resume sample:

Number 1: Au Pair

Using au pair is a very classy and sophisticated way to dress up your nanny resume. It shows your work experience in childcare and your babysitting experience. It may sound way fancier than a nanny job, but your nanny resume skills and nanny resume example can show that there is more to caring for kids than just being a child care provider.

Number 2: Babysitter

The classic babysitting word is often employed by teenagers in other casual and non committal types this one is somewhat to be avoided however it does ring true in some certain settings, and is a great resume builder for any job seeker . A babysitting job might be something you just do for your cousins or neighbors, but a babysitter resume can include all of the nanny skills that a normal nanny position has, and make for a great professional resume that will get you hired over many job applicants.

Number 3: Child Care Worker

Child care is a sophisticated and very tactful way to have nanny on your resume. It shows that you may have worked in very high end facilities even. This could include being part of a daycare provider or nanny agency, so your resume summary may look different than a standard sample nanny resume that you find on the internet, but will make for a great nanny resume that any potential employer will love.

Number 4: Day Care Worker

Another word for nanny on resume is a day care worker. Day care worker is a fantastic way to get a point across that you have a nanny resume with work experience. Daycare provider workers are dedicated souls are doing their best in their part to ensure that children grow in the healthiest way possible. Your nanny duties will be different than a household babysitter, but you are still an experienced nanny that can have a great and functional nanny resume to send to a potential employer.

Number 5: Nursemaid

Nursemaid is a specific type of work experience in that shows that you have worked with very smaller and even some newborn children. A nanny job description for this resume format and resume objective will be different, and your skills section should reflect any special training you received to work in this nanny position. Your nanny experience in this job was likely in a hospital, so make sure your nanny resume template and cover letter accurately reflect that.

By applying these synonyms to your nanny resume properly and with precision you too will find yourself becoming a successful job seeker, beating out all the other job applicants for the position you want. I wish you the best of luck in your job search!

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