Creating A Bussin’ Resume For Bussers

There are a few key methods to creating the perfect resume. These methods include using proper fonts, line spacing, and margins, including details about volunteer experience and professional skills, and properly describing work experience. No matter what type of job experiences you are listing on your resume, it is important to describe it accurately and effectively. When describing a previous job to a potential employer, it is important to highlight any professional skills developed in that environment. Do not undersell yourself when describing job experiences that may not have been glamorous for you. These work experiences still provide valuable professional skills to list in your busser job description or to answer in interview questions.

Describing a Busser Job on a Resume

If you currently work as a busser, hostess, busboy, server assistant, or similar food runner in the restaurant industry, or if you previously worked as an experienced busser in the restaurant industry, it is important that you know how to describe this position accurately on your resume. If busser duties are described properly, even a lower level job opportunity like this can stand out on a resume. A restaurant busser does not just do the dirty dishes, roll silverware, and reset tables in the dining area. These are basic descriptions of day to day dishwasher busser job tasks that do not necessarily highlight transferable professional skills. It may be better to describe the position by stating that you are “responsible for maintaining high cleanliness standards on a self motivated basis, practicing proper hygiene and sanitation practice in a dining area, and interacting with the public as well as coworkers effectively in order to maximize job performance.”

Formatting a Job Description on Your Resume

Beneath where you list the name of the place of employment on your resume, you will want to list your job duties or write out your busser responsibilities. There are two ways to do this. You can list job duties by making a bulleted list of tasks and responsibilities (clean utensils and work area, assist servers and waitstaff, greet guests, collect food orders, etc). You can also write out a few sentences succinctly describing the experience, busser responsibilities, and any soft skill you may have learned from your work experience. For example, when describing a busser job, you may write out a few sentences that look like the following:

“Job requirements at (Restaurant Name) included maintaining a beautiful and sanitary dining room environment for guests, interacting with wait staff effectively, and utilizing food safety knowledge in order to protect guests and maximize efficiency.”

How To Create a Good Busser Resume Description

If you are looking for a busser resume sample or an example busser job description for resume, these can be found online. Make sure to always use your own words and take tips from reputable sources. Copying job descriptions directly from an online source will not help you to stand out. Even a busser resume example can help you to get your dream job when you word things correctly. The above example shows detail and professionalism but is still accurate and effective. Always be succinct and make sure that you are comfortable with the vocabulary in your descriptions. If you do not know what a word means, do not feel confident using the word, or do not regularly use the word, do not try to throw it into a job description just to show off.

Example of a Bad Busser Resume Job Description

A job description that is too formal or too informal will be unsuccessful on a resume. You also want to avoid rambling. Here are two examples of what to avoid when writing a resume job description about a busser position,

“Wiped stuff down, did the dishes, restaurant stuff.”

“To the utmost aplomb and professionalism, I polished and upkept the fine establishment at (Restaurant Name) ensuring to never divert from focused finesse or take breaks”

Be professional but not flowery. Be succinct, but neither brief nor wordy.

Objective Facts

Objective facts can be important to include when describing a job position as well. If you were named employee of the month, your resume is a great opportunity to list that. If you were able to increase efficiency by 10% versus previous staff members, this is another type of objective fact that will be good to list.


When searching for a job, remember that every work experience you have has helped you to gain professional skills. Listing these skills effectively will help you in this search. Good luck and stay confident in your search!

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