Getting Started: The Ultimate Guide to the Professional World for Teenagers and Young Adults

Welcome to Getting Started, a series of articles exploring the many jobs and careers open to young workers age 16-25, with the goal of helping each young adult not only gain a job, but build up professional skills and the tools to succeed in their first decade as a part of the labor force. From finding a summer job or a part time job in high school for extra money, to securing a long term career as a college student and beyond.

It can be hard to find the best places for teenagers to work, and even harder to find good work experience that will help you in your job search down the road. We’re here to help you find jobs that make more than just minimum wage, and build up those professional skills even as a camp counselor, or in the most boring retail job. You’ll come to learn that every part time job, volunteer experience, and extracurricular activity can be turned into invaluable work experience, and help you secure even better jobs as a young person in the workforce, and for the rest of your career.

16 Year Olds

It can often be difficult for younger teens to find work- they have no formal experience, their availability is limited by the school day, and the average pay in most jobs available to them just is not very appealing. In this article, we teach the job-hungry teenager how to work around their lack of experience, using their volunteer opportunities and every extracurricular activity to get hired, and make some extra cash.

17 Year Olds

Even in a job as a lifeguard or bagging groceries, there are opportunities to get great professional experiences, and potentially climb up the ladder at their company. It’s easy for a hardworking kid to stand out from other minimum wage employees, and in this article, we teach the 17 year old how to rise above the competition, and seek promotion or a raise in their average hourly rate. Whether they work during the school year or the summer months, any hardworking young teen can take advantage of this time, and get a high level position even as a high school student.

18 Year Olds

Turning 18 is a huge asset in the arena of teen summer jobs- it puts those young workers above the minimum age requirement for a lot of new jobs. They can say goodbye to the fast food restaurant and the grocery store, and begin looking for higher paying and more engaging job opportunities. In this article, we put together a comprehensive list of summer employment and other teen job opportunities, geared towards the dedicated young teen looking for jobs with a nice average pay.

19 Year Olds

At 19 years old, you have a lot more to worry about than just finding a teenage job. You may be a college student, looking for a position with tuition reimbursement options, or at the very least worrying about student loans down the road. For the young college student, we have tips about balancing homework, a social life, and ways to make some extra cash in the middle. For the young person entering the workforce, we have tips for you too. Finding a great customer service job with upward mobility and a nice average hourly rate, or a flexible online job that allows you to tackle multiple opportunities at once.

20 Year Olds

Two decades old- but just starting out in your professional life. Whether you just graduated from an associate’s degree program, are still a college student, or are looking for a full time or online job, we have the tips and opportunities for you. Making your way up in the workforce, finding positions with a two year degree, or making a little extra cash in a summer job as a college student- all of those things and more are covered in this handy article.

21 Year Olds

Famous for the alcohol age requirement, there is nothing intoxicated about your job search at age 21. From updating your resume, to tips on saving extra money, to finding jobs as a dog walker or delivery driver, this article is exactly what you need to continue on your career journey, earning a nice average salary and building up your resume and professional skills along the way.

22 Year Olds

For many people, turning 22 means graduating college. It can be hard transitioning from being a college student to a full time worker, so it is important to be prepared, and start building connections and looking for opportunities early. Using your college’s resources during the school day, and working internships in your free time, you can be ready to graduate with a career path already laid before you. For non college students, there are still plenty of ways for the young adult to buff up their resume, and it is never too late to look towards the future.

23 Year Olds

At 23, we no longer have to worry so much about the division between college students and full time workers. Almost every 23 year old kid must be ready to jump into the professional world, and that comes with a lot of new responsibilities. For some, that means complete independence, which can be a tough thing to adjust to for many younger workers. Fortunately for you, we have advice for adjusting to independence, moving up in your company, and much more in this great article for 23 year olds!

24 Year Olds

For some young adults, the first few years in the workforce can be difficult. The career they wanted as a young adult or college student is not exactly what they expected, and they may be looking for a career change. Luckily, as a young person, changing careers is still an option at this point, and it is possible to find a job and make money in a completely new field, without losing all of the skills and work experience you gained. This article contains jobs and tips for the hardworking 24 year old on this subject and many, many more.

25 Year Olds

Here we are, the final installment in our Getting Started series. This is the end of the road for us, but your professional career has only just begun. In this article, we suggest tons of great opportunities for 25 year olds, with both great average pay and a good outlook for future advancement. We even include tons of parting advice, setting the dedicated young adult up for success in the future, and a long, well-paying career for years to come.

No matter where you are in your professional journey, or how old you are, each one of these articles has invaluable tips for building your career, so we suggest that you read through each one of them to become fully prepared for your future endeavors. Thank you for following the Getting Started series, and thank you for supporting ResumeSkills!

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