Helpful Handyman Synonyms on a Resume

The key to a fantastic and properly professional resume is typically how one would describe their work experience. Showing your employer that you in fact are capable of skilled and technical work is a fantastic asset. Here are a few options and synonyms for your handyman resume sample:

Number One: Laborer.

When you apply for a job with your resume example and you want to show that you’ve done skill repair work, maintenance work, or home repair without outright calling yourself a handyman, Try using the word laborer.  This can cover a variety of work experience including plumbing, carpentry, or any variety of maintenance worker. If you own your own handyman service, this may not be the best handyman job description for you as it refers to doing a maintenance task for another company.

Number Two: Helper.

Listing yourself as a helper For your handyman job description is a fantastic resume builder if you are Applying for an entry level position. This will show your hiring manager that you are young in moldable and are able to learn technical skills and listen and take direction well. Putting this in your handyman resume example is best for a lower level resume objective, and could include housekeeping and other handyman responsibilities.

Number Three: Fixer.

Another word for handyman for resume is fixer.  Fixer is another targeted word that can be used to describe anyone who is capable of repairing technical equipment. The job title for this kind of handyman position is best for repair maintenance work, especially if you have experience in carpentry or own your own handyman service, and can be a great way to impress a potential employer with the perfect resume.

Number Four: Contractor.

Placing yourself as a contractor in your handyman resume sample adds a bit of legitimacy and professionalism to the document and will show that you actually have a lot of technical experience in this field prior to your recent unemployment. This shows you are a professional handyman and experienced job seeker, and could make a reliable handyman or employee if you use this stylish resume builder on your perfect resume.

Number Five: Hired Hand

Placing yourself as a hired hand on your resume instead of a handyman shows that you are also somewhere between helper and contractor and that you maybe have working in a rustic setting or a handyman business before.

Following these tips and placing the synonyms properly on your reliable handyman resume will ensure that you find the work in the field that you want. I wish you the best of luck and hope you find the career of your dreams!

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