Spicy Synonyms for Stay At Home Mom on a Resume

In today’s economy everyone inside of the home needs to pitch in, especially those who are currently without a job and seeking work experience to place on a resume summary. Here are a few ways to use another word for stay-at-home mom on resume that shows your potential employer you have no career gaps in your resume but in fact you have been grinding this whole time. A big career break on your functional resume can hurt you, as when you make a chronological resume it is very obvious when there is a career break that you did not hold a job during. However, we can show you how to make that employment gap shine with this resume format, and the hiring manager won’t even know you had an employment gap at all.

House Keeper

The 1st word we have is housekeeper. Housekeeper implies that you are doing everything that you can to make sure your houses arranged in order including clerical and maintenance duties. This is a great synonym for a stay-at-home mom because it shows the true range of the work that you perform out of your home. It fills in your work history nicely, and can be used in your experience section as a great resume builder- because being a stay at home mom is a full-time job!

Home Parent

The 2nd word we have is home parent. Home parent is excellent because it stays away from a gender binary while also showing that parenting is in fact a fulltime job that people need to understand and empathize with. A potential employer will understand why there are such things in your experience section of your home mom resume. Resume examples like this are great, and allow you to talk about all of the volunteer work you have done for your kids and much more.

House Manager

The 3rd synonym is house manager. House manager is really fun because it also implies that there are other employees inside of the home that you are kind of administrating in managing as you perform your day-to-day activities and duties within the house. A potential employer may question this home job title, but for any mom resume template this can create the perfect resume. You can stand out as a job seeker, and your career chronology will look as good as anyone else’s.

Chief Home Officer

Another word for stay at home mom on resume is chief home officer. Chief home officer also implies the existence of a hierarchy within home but also reiterates and focuses on the fact that you are the chief of said home in that you have executive power within its decision making. This home job title may be a little bit too much for a hiring manager, but will still make a perfect resume as a job seeker and land you that job.


And lastly we have housewife. While housewife to some may feel like a dated term there are actual environments where this is a plausible entry for your work experience section of your resume. Typically this term is reserved unless your potential employers are older men and where you work is a more rustic and less progressive setting.

Whether you need a change of career, a more diverse professional experience, or are simply unprepared for your next visit with a work force recruiter, this guide will provide applicable help. Good luck with your job hunting out there! With these resume tips and career advice, you will succeed in your job search and rejoin the workforce, as your career summary will be perfect for any recruiter!

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